Biniax Mobile 1.80
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04/09/2009 Biniax Mobile 1.80 is released. Screen rotation is supported of accelerator-enabled devices.

Biniax is unique and addictive arcade/logic game available for most computer platforms. Biniax Mobile allows the players to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere, playing on mobile phone or PDA.
- All screen resolutions bigger than 128x128 pixels;
- Keyboard control;
- Touch-screen control;
- Three versions for MIDP 2.0 (fullscreen), MIDP 1.0 with Nokia UI (fullscreen), MIDP 1.0 generic (windowed).

The rules of Biniax are kept as simple as possible:
Move your block among the field, taking the pairs with element like yours inside. If you take a pair, your element changes to the complementary block from the pair. Beware of blocking yourself.
- Keyboard - arrow keys to move, fire/select to choose or switch back to menu;
- Touch-screen - Double-click to choose from the menu. In the game - click the direction you want to move, related to your block. Click outside the game field to go back to the menu.

Menu Small
Menu on 128x128 phone

Ingame on bigger phone

- BiniaxMobile 1.80 JAD and JAR - for all MIDP 2.0 devices (all current phones);
- BiniaxMobile 1.80 JAD and JAR - for all MIDP 1.0 devices with NokiaUI (for old Nokia phones);
- BiniaxMobile 1.80 JAD and JAR - for all MIDP 1.0 devices (old handsets or compatibility reasons);
You can download the source code, release under modified zlib license.

Biniax games are copyright of Jordan Tuzsuzov.
(C) 2005 - 2009.

(c) 2005-2009 Jordan Tuzsuzov