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    To buy an ocarina is unfortunately not an easy task. There are too many BAD ocarinas around, which should be definitely avoided. Many of them are just a decoration produced for the “item stores”.
From the „good“ ones, the choice is also wide:
  • Range – single- or multi-chamber;
  • Material – Clay, wood, warm-stone, polymer;
  • Fingering – European (10 hole) or Asian (12 hole) linear fingering, cross-fingering;
  • Form – Sweet potato, inline, pendant;

    As a standard ocarina, let’s assume it is sweet-potato single chamber ocarina with linear fingering (10 or 12 holes). To simplify the first choice, you can simply buy the best affordable ocarina, which is mostly accessible: a plastic Focalink Alto in key C (aka Bravura AC, Stein ocarina AC, etc). It is very durable, easy to play, sounds great and could be bought easily in many countries from bigger sellers like Amazon.com, Amazon.de or Thomann.

    A good ocarina has its price – a single-chamber clay ones cost normally 50+EUR/USD, wooden ones 150+EUR/USD and “warm-stone” ones 90+EUR/USD. There are affordable plastic ocarinas (about 20-30 EUR/USD) which could be quite good, but beware – they are not so many (like Focalink or Night by Noble).
Before you decide to buy some advanced ocarina, refer to knowledgeable resource – like TON forum, or reviews of the ocarina of your choice.
OcarinaClub.org is a non-profit web site, do not sell anything, including ocarina – please, don’t contact for purchase requests.

Here some links to manufacturers or resellers of good ocarinas:

www.ocarina.it – Fabio Menaglio, a classical ocarina manufacture from Budrio-Italy.
www.steinocarina.com – Focalink/Stein Ocarina – Manufacturer in Taiwan, specialized in multi-chamber ocarinas. Their single-chambers are also very good, and one of the best plastic models also come from this house.
www.nobleocarina.net – Noble – Korean manufacturer
www.stlocarina.com – STL Ocarina – producer and reseller of various types of ocarina.
www.songbirdocarina.com – Songbird Ocarina – producer and reseller of various types of ocarina.
www.pureocarinas.com – Pure Ocarinas – Nice 11 holes ocarinas from UK. The owner also wrote the book “The Art of Ocarina Making”.
www.ocarinashop.com – big range of ocarinas from Austria. Also produces the “Galliani” signature ocarina.
www.spencersocarinas.com – Spencer Ocarinas – High-end ceramic ocarinas.
www.hindocarina.com – Hind ocarina – High-end wooden ocarinas.

(C) Yordan Tuzsuzov.