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    The ocarina is a compact music wind-instrument with unique mellow sound, which provides a great music experience with a little bit of twist. Ocarina is easy to learn, versatile and very compact instrument, which can fit a lot of musical genres – either naturally (European folk music, fairy songs, soundtracks, jazz) or by adding a contrast (string classic, rock and even some metal sub-genres).
Galliani C3    The ocarina is not very popular among the musicians, but you may have seen it in some computer games, anime or comic-books, wondering – is this strange looking magical instrument really existing. You may have heard its distinguishing sound in a popular song and not recognizing where it is coming from. Then…

Welcome to the Ocarina Club – the place where your ocarina journey can begin.

    No matter if you are beginner or advanced in music, with or without music theory knowledge – the ocarina is nice and forgiving (much more than say... the recorder for example). The ocarina can make your way to artistically express yourself, can be your travel companion or just a great conversation starter – especially in gaming, comics and geek crowd.

Give the ocarina a try and very probably she will remain always with you.

(C) Yordan Tuzsuzov.