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    Mastering ocarina is not an easy job, exactly like mastering any other music instrument. But starting with ocarina and especially doing it as a solo instrument is very easy. The hard part is to keep the instrument in tune, as the pitch is dependent not only from the tone holes, but also the breath pressure, but it comes with the practice and is not so critical in the beginning – especially playing alone/solo.
    The principle of playing the ocarina is simple – you blow in the windway to produce the sound. The fingers dynamically open and close the tone holes to reach the desired tone, and the logic is – all holes closed produces the lowest pitch of the ocarina, all holes open produces the highest pitch. The exact fingering may wary, but here is shown the 10-holes European standard for ocarina in key C (the 12-hole Asian is very similar).

A good video tutorial is the one from David Erick Ramos here:

(C) Yordan Tuzsuzov.