Download Biniax for free.

  Personal computers :
 Biniax 1.2 for MS Windows (Installer, 517 KB);  
 Biniax 1.2 for MS Windows (zip file, 273 KB);
 Biniax 1.2 for Linux / Intel x86 (tar.gz, 47 KB);
 Biniax 1.2 for Amiga OS4 (external link, port by Spot);
 Biniax 1.2 for Atari Lynx (external link, port by Nop90);
 Biniax 1.2 for MorphOS (external link, port by Marcel "frostwork" Unbehaun);
 Biniax 1.2 for BeOS / Zeta (external link, port by Zeta-Games);

  Game consoles :
 For Nokia n-Gage go to BiniaxMobile microsite.
 Biniax 1.2 (BIN and CDI) for SEGA Dreamcast (port by Quasar);
 Biniax 1.2 for GP2X console (port by Running Free);
 Biniax 1.2 for Dingoo A320 (port by yoannd26);
  Mobile phones :
 For mobile phone / PDAs with J2ME support, go to BiniaxMobile microsite.
 Biniax 1.2 for Motorola A1200 and E6 (external link, unknown port);

  Source code :
 Biniax 1.2 source code in C;

  Archive (first game prototype) :
Old BiniaxMobile version 1.25 with hand-drawn graphics for 128x128 and 176x176 display resolution:
   Biniax 1.25 Mobile for Nokia Series40, Series60/S60, Series80 - JAR and JAD files;
   Biniax 1.25 Mobile for all J2ME MIDP 1.0 - JAR and JAD files (128x128 screen canvas minimum);
   Biniax 1.25 Mobile (both Nokia and Generic versions in single zip archive, 35 KB);
   Biniax mobile 1.5 source code in J2ME;

    The first prototype of Biniax was coded in Python and Pygame. You can download it as zip or tar.gz archive and run it on   Windows, MacOS X, Linux, BeOS, etc.