Welcome to official "Devet" site.

       Devet can be your game... No matter how old you are, and no matter how fast are your reactions.
    No violence, no  weapons, no enemies. Just a strategy. And a little piece of luck :)
       Devet is an original logic / strategy / puzzle game for one player. You can play the game on your PC, PDA,
    mobile phone, in Internet club near you, or without any of these machines - as a board game.

       If you want just to take a quick look on the game, try the online version.
       To play the game on your computer even offline, visit the "download" section.
       NEWS :
       - At last - play Devet on your PocketPC. Check out the download section.
       - Devet goes Python. Now you can run Devet on any platform, supported by Python and Pygame.
       - Game forum opened. Click HERE to enter.